Cocoa Nibs 1P
150,000 ₫ 150,000 ₫ 150000.0 VND
A crispy almond cookie base, a rich 65% chocolate mousse, and mixed crunchy cocoa nibs (roasted with butter and pepper) for a touch of texture and spice
Saint Honoré 1P
150,000 ₫ 150,000 ₫ 150000.0 VND
French classic dessert
Featuring a crispy puff pastry base, a layer of delicate crème anglaise, luscious peanut choux puffs, and a rich peanut cream filling
Lime Tart 1P
140,000 ₫ 140,000 ₫ 140000.0 VND
Lime bestani base, a lime cream filling, a layer of pink pomelo jelly, and a delicate lime chantilly, Fresh pomelo segments add a final touch of citrusy perfection
Strawberry Lychee Tart 1P
150,000 ₫ 150,000 ₫ 150000.0 VND
Featuring an almond dacquoise base, a layer of fresh strawberries, a luscious lychee cream filling, and a glistening lychee jelly