About us

Robin Mouquet's Story

Despite having been schooled as a cook, Robin wanted to pursue a career in pastry, and at the age of 18, he enrolled in a hospitality school in Toulouse, his birthplace in the south-west of France.
He finished third in the regional stage of the French junior championship.
This outcome makes him resentful, but he is determined to catch up and decides to cut his teeth among the largest.

With his certificate in hand, he travels to MONACO for a few months to finish his study at the LOUIS XV (Alain Ducasse***).
He joined the team of Michel Sarran**, the great chef of Toulouse.

PARIS 2013
The train to Paris, the capital, has arrived!
The culinary capital of the world.
He joined Alain PASSARD's l'Arpège*** team, then Pierre GAGNAIRE's (World's best cook chef 2015).
The ***Balzac***.
Robin is in for another adventure, this time at the PIERRE HERMÉ Paris pastry shop at the Palace du Royal Monceau.

ASIA 2018
His childhood dream has finally come true. He first worked as a Sous-Chef Pâtissier for the house/company PIERRE HERMÉ Paris in Macao, for the launch of the Morpheus Hotel.

Quite simply out of a desire for adventure and personal challenge one day, he decides to fly on his own.
And he goes to Vietnam with only a suitcase and his knives.
Under the charm, he did not hesitate and immediately began creating beautiful pastries and started his first online store.
Clientele is growing increasingly intrigued, drawn in by his personality and creations.
He then proceeded to surround himself with partners and initiated a training procedure with his pastry cooks and staffs.

It is up to us to write the next Chapter.

Our Team

It is surrounded by a dynamic and smiling team that we take care of you.
We take great care from the order to the presentation of the cake on your dining table.
It is in harmony that we work together from our production center. Vendors and Pastry Chefs working hand in hand to learn and develop the skills required for this job.

The rest is history
The team!!

Our people 

Robin Mouquet.R

Pastry chef - Owner

The pastry is eaten with the fingers.

Favorite cake: Mille Feuille 

Phuong Thao

Admin - Local Project

Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you're gonna get - Forrest Gump

Favorite cake: Sencha Citrus

My Phuong

Front - Customer Service

Rose are red
I'm going to bed.

Favorite cake: Cocoa Nibs

Chi Kim

Pastry - Chef the Partie

Whatever you do, always give 100%.
Unless you are donating blood.

Favorite cake: Mille Feuille

Ai My

Pastry - Pastry Cook

Don't wait for luck, just prepare well and do it.

Favorite cake: Tropical Tart